KEYNOTE –Ten Top Tips for Teaching: How to plan, teach and assess great learning

- What are the 10 common characteristics of the best classrooms?
- What are the key characteristics shared by all the most effective teachers?
- Advice covering planning, teaching, and assessing learning

Education Author and Advisor
Bromley Education
DELIVERING TEACHING – Why do we mark and what do we need to mark? Tips and tricks for your assessment, marking & feedback

- Practical classroom strategies for ensuring your assessment, marking & feedback have high impact
- Tips and tricks for streamlining your approaches to assessment, marking & feedback
- What does the research evidence say about effective assessment, marking & feedback approaches?

MAT English Lead & KS5 English Coordinator
Fullbrook School, Surrey
DELIVERING TEACHING – The why, what and how of test-enhanced learning: Making retrieval practice work in the classroom

- Practical overview of key techniques including spaced retrieval practice, forgetting & relearning, pre- & post-testing
- The role test-enhanced learning has to play in motivating and engaging your students
- How to use these techniques, how to choose which ones suit your teaching, and common barriers to be aware of

Deputy Head Academic, author
Boundary Oak School, Fareham
LEADING TEACHING – Managing workload: Essential practical tools for leading teaching

- Simple workload monitoring and planning strategies explained
- How to create a culture in which high expectations and outstanding outcomes occur without excessive workload
- A case study presentation of the effectiveness and efficiency of approaches adopted by one leading school

Southend High School for Boys, Essex
LEADING TEACHING – Model, check, retrieve: Improving pedagogical practice with a universal yet bespoke approach

- How the use of teaching and learning communities has enabled one school to quality assure pedagogical practice
- How the core teaching fundamentals of "model, check, retrieve" can be embedded to ensure consistent practice
- How to create a culture of high trust across your teaching teams based on peer coaching conversations

Deputy Principal (T&L and CPD)
Uppingham Community College, Rutland
REMOVING BARRIERS TO LEARNING – Neurology, pedagogy and poverty: How disadvantage impacts learning and what we can do about it

- What does research tell us about poverty and its impact on cognitive development and how students learn?
- How can we remove these barriers and make knowledge genuinely accessible for disadvantaged children?
- Practical and accessible classroom strategies to support the progress of disadvantaged children

Trust Improvement Leader, Tees Valley Education & Doctoral researcher in educational poverty, Teesside University
LEADING TEACHING – What are your golden threads of teaching and learning?

- How can you ensure consistency in curriculum delivery, teaching and learning in your subject, department or school?
- How can you identify the 'golden threads' of curriculum, teaching and learning?
- How does teaching and learning incorporate and reflect the culture, vision and values of your school?

School Improvement Director, author
Infinity Academies Trust, Lincolnshire
LEADING TEACHING – Keep calm! Leading and developing your teaching team

- How can middle and senior leaders support the development of their teaching team?
- How can you have effective, professional and challenging conversations?
- How can you get the best from your colleagues in a calm and professional way?

Headteacher, Highgate Wood School, Haringey; Chair, Haringey Secondary Heads’ Forum
DELIVERING TEACHING – Growth Mindset: Practical ideas for the secondary classroom

- What does growth mindset look like in the secondary classroom?
- How can growth mindset techniques be incorporated into pedagogy & lesson activities?
- How can we support students to embrace the challenge of failure and bounce-back from setbacks?

Director of Ethos
Ridgeway Education Trust, Oxfordshire
DELIVERING TEACHING – EAL strategies for multilingual classrooms

- Practical advice, ideas, activities and resources to support the learning and progress of EAL students
- How to embed strategies within pedagogy and teaching and learning
- Strategies to ensure EAL students have opportunities to develop English language proficiency alongside their learning

The Bell Foundation
REMOVING BARRIERS TO LEARNING – Promoting mental health in the everyday classroom: Practical strategies for subject teachers

- How can teaching staff support good mental health day-to-day?
- Research-based practices for use in the secondary classroom to support students who may be struggling
- Ideas and resources from the Early Intervention Foundation and Anna Freud Centre

Best-selling author and popular speaker
LEADING TEACHING – Six Pedagogical Principles: Developing a model for teaching, learning and behaviour

- A case study of the successful teaching and learning and the behaviour for learning model at Orchard Mead Academy
- Discussion of the six interconnected pedagogical principles behind the Making Every Lesson Count approach
- The school's "I do, we do, you do" strategy, F.A.S.T. learning behaviours, and how teachers check for understanding

Teacher and professional coach
Orchard Mead Academy, Leicester
LEADING TEACHING – Why I banned the word 'CPD': Putting the 'professional' back into your school's Professional Development programme

- Why does CPD so often miss the mark in schools?
- How can we redesign our professional development to ensure high impact in the classroom?
- How can we change how teachers view their CPD?

Deputy CEO and director of school improvement
Areté Learning Trust, North Yorkshire
DELIVERING TEACHING – Why we must create dialogic spaces in our classrooms and how we can do it

- How creating dialogic spaces in classrooms can enable students to delve deeper into their learning
- How questioning can elicit new thinking and raise student engagement and attainment across age groups
- How we can create a dialogic culture in our classroom and how to mitigate the potential barriers

Assistant headteacher for teaching and learning
Oak Wood School, Middlesex
DELIVERING TEACHING – How do you define your pedagogy? Precision, practice & impact

- What do you mean when you use the word 'pedagogy' and why is this important?
- How can you clarify your own pedagogical beliefs and what this means for your teaching?
- The importance of precision when talking about pedagogy

Director of One Life Learning; Associate Lecturer,
The Open University
REMOVING BARRIERS TO LEARNING – SEND & Inclusion: Lessons for mainstream secondary schools

- What best practices from the special sector can be adapted & adopted in mainstream schools?
- What works when it comes to facilitating more effective inclusion for SEND students?
- In-classroom approaches to teaching, learning and behaviour as well as some whole-school ideas

Science teacher, educational coach, senior leader
Edith Kay School, London

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